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Most couples want that iconic confetti photo in their wedding album. It's a joyful candid moment with lots of colour and movement. Here are some top tips for achieving the perfect photo from a wedding photographer's perspective.

Sarah Whyte, owner of Purple Kite Photography, sitting on a bridge in Hertford, Hertfordshire

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I love being able to document the raw emotions and excitement of a wedding day and take pride in delivering stunning images that my couples will cherish for a lifetime.

I create a calm and relaxed atmosphere for my clients, ensuring that they feel at ease and enjoy every moment of their day.

Although I'm based in Hertford, I'm not just a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer. I can travel all over the UK (and beyond) for your Wedding!

A bride and groom being showered with confetti on a windy day
Home-made heart-shaped confetti cut from dried eucalyptus leaves and pressed petals


There are many types of confetti, but which should you use? Large, lightweight and colourful confetti is the best option for maximum impact - you want your confetti to flutter down more slowly and show up well in the photos.

Man in navy suit and sunflower buttonhole walking with bride in white silk gown and being showered with dried rose petals

Fresh petals

While fresh petals are beautiful, they are an expensive option and because of their weight they fall to the ground quickly, rather than fluttering gently down, meaning the moment won't last very long. Though some venues only allow this type of confetti, leaving you no choice.

Man in navy suit and sunflower buttonhole walking with bride in embroidered cream dress holding a child while and being showered with dried rose petals

Dried flower petals

Dried petals are a great natural option which most venues will allow and are a very popular choice. The bigger and brighter the better for maximum impact in your confetti photos. Smaller petals may get lost in the background of your images. I would also avoid choosing dried lavender for this reason. While it is a lovely and fragrant natural choice, it is heavy, so falls to the ground quickly, and is so tiny it won't show up well in your photos.

Opt for larger petals which will fall more slowly and will therefore show up better in the photos.

Man in navy suit and sunflower buttonhole walking with bride in white silk gown and being showered with dried rose petalsMan in navy suit and sunflower buttonhole walking with bride in white silk gown and being showered with confetti

Biodegradable paper confetti

You can buy this in a huge variety of colours and shapes - the bigger the better. It's very lightweight and flutters around wonderfully, creating a stunning effect.

You could choose multicoloured confetti, or stick to one colour theme. You can also achieve some great results with white confetti.

Man in blue suit standing facing lady in cream wedding dress on some steps with guests around them throwing confetti

Other options

Please try not to use artificial or plastic confetti, which isn't good for the environment or wildlife.

You could also go for confetti cannons or use bubbles instead, or you could even opt not to have confetti at all. Perhaps you'll choose an increasingly popular sparkler exit when darkness falls instead.

Best confetti photo - my verdict

My choice would be brightly coloured biodegradable paper confetti or a mixture of paper and dried petals. Whichever option you go for, make sure you have lots and lots of it for the best confetti photos!

Silver haired couple kissing on their wedding day, partially hidden by all the pink confetti swirling around them


Do check with your venue if they allow confetti, and which types they allow. Some venues only allow natural petals. Some have rules about where you can throw confetti - usually outside, though a few only allow confetti inside where it can be easily swept up afterwards.

Often your wedding venue will have their own ideas about the confetti moment and will organise the guests according to their own rules or schedule for the day. It is usually straight after the ceremony with the guests gathered outside as you make your grand exit as newlyweds.

Indoor confetti moment, Parklands Quendon Hall
Indoor confetti moment, Parklands Quendon Hall

General advice for your confetti photos


Try to think about what will be in the background of your confetti photo. Contrast is important, for example white confetti won't show up so well against a white wall. Smaller confetti types may get lost against a busy background of trees or flowers.

Man in pink suit holding hands with a girl in cream wedding dress and flower crown, walking between guests showering them with confetti in the woods

The Sun

Try to avoid having your confetti moment facing the sun - Direct sunlight creates harsh shadows and will more than likely make you and your guests squint. This can be a tricky one to plan for - especially if you have your confetti moment upon leaving the ceremony through a south-facing door, but it's worth thinking about if at all possible.

Man in a tux walking arm in arm with new wife in silver wedding dress out of a stone building while guests throw confetti

Smile for the camera

While the confetti moment is a joyous candid one where your photographer can capture some lovely natural reactions, it is worth trying to remember to look ahead rather than down at the ground, so we can see those smiles. I know this is easier said than done when you're being pelted with confetti though!

Man in tweed suit and lady in lace wedding dress laughing hand in hand while guests shower them with confetti. Black barn behind them

Remind your guests to throw their confetti upwards over your heads so it can flutter down around you, rather than aiming it straight at your head!

Bride and groom with shocked facial expressions as confetti is thrown directly in their faces

Buy lots!

You can't have too much confetti! Make sure you've bought loads of confetti for your guests to use for the best confetti photos. I usually get the guests to line up either side and throw confetti as you walk.

A bride and groom laughing hand in hand, being showered with loads of white confetti
There's no such thing as too much confetti!

If there's extra confetti, your guests can all gather round and throw some more while you share a kiss. This photo is usually very impactful with lots of confetti thrown at once.

Bride and groom kissing in front of large black barn doors while guests shower them with dried flower petals



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